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Press release distribution in AFP

Founded at an earlier time than Reuters and Associated Press, Agence France-Presse is considered the third largest news agency in the world. Based in France, AFP is revered by many journalists worldwide for its fast, accurate and in-depth news coverage of events spanning across industries and countries.

An advertising agent and Parisian translator, Charles Louis-Havas founded AFP in 1835. Journalists worldwide agree that Agence France-Presse was the precursor of Reuters since one of Charles employees was Paul Reuter who set up a rival news agency in London in 1848. It would seem the AFP is the ancestor of all large news agencies today.

The invention of the short-wave wireless technology in 1852 allowed AFP to provide a franchise to Reuters and the German-based Wolff agency exclusive reporting zones in Europe. Thus, AFP, Reuters, and Wolff became the first three newswire agencies in the 19th century.

In 1982, Agence France-Presse set up its five autonomous regional centers as part of its editorial decision-making decentralization policy. The first region was in Hong Kong. Today, the AFP is composed of an Executive Committee and a Regional Directorate that manages 1,513 journalists, 2,296 staff members and 201 bureaus in 151 countries. That’s a tremendous volume of exposure for subscribers.

Every day, 5,000 stories are generated by AFP along with 3,000 photos, 250 videos, 150 video graphics and 75 graphics. With its involvement in other news formats, AFP even introduced an innovation as the first news agency to provide High Definition or HD images. The agency also set the standard for text-based news reporting on a 24/7 basis, in addition to web and mobile news in text, photo, graphics and video formats. AFP has also introduced the Interactive Graphics as a way for viewers to engage news visualizations on various devices including mobile phones. Check this out for the latest press release distribution services.

Like Reuters and other large news organizations, AFP has its share of reporter fatalities. Recently, an AFP reporter was killed in Yemen during the shelling. Among its commitment to a truthful press is the initiative to combat disinformation and distinguish trustworthy media together with Reporters without Borders.

AFP has partnered with significant news organizations worldwide that include: Africa Twenty-Four Media, Agencia Cubana De Noticias, Agencia Estado in Brazil, AGIF, Andalou Agency, Bangkok Post, Bios Photo, BNF, Brazil Photo Press, Business Wire, Getty Images, Globenewswire, Hans Lucas, Hemis, Image Source, Imagine China, and many other agencies. A business or company’s press release can be distributed in 151 counties that can pass through thousands of journalists and millions of readers. You can find more information on press releases here:

The agency has received some awards and rewards, among which are three AFP photojournalists at the World Press Photo 2018, and at the 2017 Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar Contest.

AFP has also introduced recently a new service called AFPTV Live Select for TV networks and digital media, a new platform dedicated to live coverage where users can control the reception of feeds delivered through a secure IP solution in original live coverage by selecting one of four available live video feeds at any time.

2017 was an outstanding year for AFP video with fifty percent more live video streams transmitted to subscribers compared to 2016. Subscribers were given access to thousands of live videos last year.

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